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Product Abstract:

yellow,nature.hot sale in mIdd-east.arabic style coffee pot called dallah.long soupt.very antique.

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Product Description

In Arabic, using dallah coffee pot is a habit, dallah coffee pot is very common, as in China, using  porcelain tea pot. Other cuntries people using dallah coffee pot is based on like  a national or local coffee pot.


Name:  arabic coffee pot dallah


Materials:Single stainless steel body



Insulation effect:general

Custom made:No



Suitable places:any place,public place,


Unique:High-grade,antique shape

This OSUL dallah pot is very antique. It's is according to arab's habits of eating  and the introduction of the newest Arabic coffee pot, of course, you can also install other liquids, such as tea, soft drinks and hot water.Especially with a glass liner coffee pot, as well as 12 hours of insulation function, If you love drinke tea,you can tea one time, a day to drink oh~~

Our dallahs are  for wholesale and lots of sales, And we are the best suppliers that in a small number of insurance companies that supply dallah.because we have our own factory, more over we also have our own export trading company, so If you want to buy one,I'm sorry. It's not suitable for our retail, but we  believe in the future, we will be able to expand sales of the way than bring  convenience for you.

How to clean dallah?

Because dallah's mouth sharp, long and relatively narrow spout, to keep clean, it is recommended immediately after each wash Paowan coffee, so as not to dwell time knot coffee stains, easy to clean.Each time with brushes that relatively long length professional can bend scrub.

After long-term using,dallah will bear a small amount of scale, you can put a small amount of vinegar in boiling water, to finish the scale, after the coffee stains, can be cleaned with water several times.

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