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Product Abstract:

teapot set online,customized brass&silver&gold three times.and arabic style thermos coffee pot and sets.glass 12 cups

Product Description

OSUF arabic coffee set vedio by SURE UP


Name:   tea and coffee sets(arabic and turkish style)


Materials:stainless steel with glass body,cover.


Insulation effect:NO

Custom made:yes



Suitable places:any place,public place,


Unique:with 12 cups.6 single hanle cups,6 non-handle cups

This OSUF tea and coffee sets with Arabian and turkish style, looks very unique, not only because of the unique mix of glass and stainless steel design, but also because of the cup two kinds of styles, with a handle and no handle, can fit different preferences of the population, and in different places. Even better is a complete set of exquisite gift of love. Each cup is number 6, also expressed hope for smooth handling and satisfactory marks for the giver of good wishes. So, this is the hottest coffee set.

This coffee sets can not just set a coffee, tea or can be with his family drinking hot beverages, reveal the love and warmth between family, 12 cups of design, is to express a complete meaning.Secondly, whether the bottle or glass, are used outside the glass covered with fine stainless steel design, reveal the distinctive quality of life. Do not worry stainless steel pattern will fall, because it is using a special glue to paste together.

In addition, the set also includes a stainless steel tea spoon, stainless steel and glass trays, brass color gives a lasting feeling of ancient times, while drinking coffee, while stirring the scalding beverage, a person or a thirty-five friends get together, chat together, this gives quiet while enjoying a cup, will give those who bring calm and warm it?

The important have ,the tea set can customized color,brass and silver,gold.Because this section is the hottest, If you are looking for wholesale  tea and coffee sets for sale online,Soon order! If you are a little slower, oh no ~

But you can view our other coffee pots,may be you like.

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