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Product Abstract:

metal thermos flask,hand-held stainless steel thermos flask.metal body.high-grade.

Product Video
Product Description


Name: metal  thermos flask,stainless steel thermos


Materials:double wall stainless steel,plastic pump plastic



Insulation effect:24h

Custom made:yes



Suitable places:any place,public place

Market:The global

Unique:High-grade,A 90 - degree handle, easy to grasp

When you're at home, or when you go out for sightseeing, or go out, they both need to drink water, to replenish their energy. This is a lot of people are aware of. So, thermos are necessities. Is selling goods. Select thermos selling is very promising.

For different customers, different styles of wholesale thermos, which is very programmatic. Therefore, the capacity to see the style and convenience to see if you fit the object will sell.

This stainless steel thermos FSAS go ahead, the design is very modern, suitable for dynamic people. Can also be used as a gift to a loved one. Thus, the advantages of this product yet

1.Very stylish, can be used as gifts

2.1 liter capacity, is to go out to meet the oh

3.Double high-grade stainless steel,unbreakable body thermos flask

4.Vacuum insulation, 24H insulation

You can view other more stainless thermos steel.

Do you want to design your own personalizedthermos?we can customized your thermos.According to your requirements.yourdesign or your logo?Until you satisfied so far.


SURE UP are a professional export brandsupplier of thermos&thermos, because we have own factory, after lessmiddlemen, therefore, strictly control the quality checks, affordable. Eachexport products have been the industry standard and certification, quality iscarefully done.


Welcome to inquiry us,also you can learn more about , if you like the product, please send us a message.

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