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How to pickout the insulated glass thermos bile?
2014-12-10 09:33:04

The first step:When buying a newbottle, it is best to let the salesman to help you remove the liner look, the bottom of that about one centimeter long "little tail" is intact,because bile is two layers of glass bottles, with no air, "littletail" damaged ,indicating that have air, so could not keep warm.


The second step:You can use yourfingers to gently knock the outer glass of gall bottle, if the sound is crisp, whichis a good bottle without bile crack.


The third method:Check the silvering of the inside bile of bottle whether is uniform silver, becausesilver plated bottle bile avoid heat radiation and prevent heat loss.


The fourth method: The insulation properties of the thermos bottleand cork are closely related, choose smooth and without irregularitiessurrounding the cork.


The fifth method:Check the bottlewhether is formation, the cork is tight.


Warm tips:Before assembling,our bottle of bile must be 100% tested. The insulation effect of the bottle bile,make sure the product with 100% insulation when factory.

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