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SURE UP company's tours event a successful conclusion
2014-11-25 15:07:19

November 22nd~23rd,in order to reward employees responsible for working to imp in order to reward employees responsible for working to improve staff working atmosphere and passion, broaden their horizons, to relax,to enhance thefeelings between us, SURE UP began his journey up day for two days, and the trip has ended.

In this trip, notonly to enjoy the scenery of Shenzhen OCT East, but also felt like family unityand harmony between people, but also deeply appreciate the climb to the top ofa high sense of achievement and break through, made us deeply appreciate the dedication and sign ificance of the outcome.

Young people always have more dreams, like always carrying the dream of traveling topractice again and again.

And we SURE UP common dream is to become the world's most influential thermos suppliers,the company expanded and increased the number of employees, and the customer service that we need more and more. And all this is the result of team work and customer trust.

Energetic and dreams are good, we are not afraid of obstruction in front, rear afraid ofintimidation, our intentions are doing what we want to do, and that is significant. Travel, is to find that his own firm in travel. Do not chase past,defying the future.

Thanks friends around the world to SURE UP of trust and support, but also ask you to continue to believe and spreadour vacuum flask products, we are step by step to every detail, to provide a safe andhealthy versatile thermos, provide a more intimate and better service for youto solve a problem one. If share with you friends, for them, perhaps it is aextremely important thing.

Also, you can search our company own public Wechat ID: “sureup”to follow,thanks again.

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