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The method to identify whether the stainless steel thermos bottle vacuum flask keep warm?
2014-12-26 09:48:44

1、whether the thermos keep warm?

After pouring the hot boiling water into the thermos bottle 2~3minutes, touch the bottle body and surface, if the cup (pot) body has the obvious warm phenomenon, that the product has lost the vacuum degree, can not achieve good heat preservation effect

2、whether the thermos leak water, how is the sealing performance?

Identification method, after adding water into the cup (pot), screwing bottle or cup cover normally, flatting the cup (pot) on the table, without leaking water, the cup cover and the cup (pot) between the mouth and cup pot body without gap. Fill a glass with water upside down for four or five minutes, or jilt to verify whether water leakage.

3、whether the thermos cut corners?

Liner depth and the height of the shell is consistent, (differ 16-18mm) capacity and the nominal value fit, part of the brand in order to cut corners, compensate for the lack of material weight, adding sand, cement block in the cup (pot)  . Error: the heavier cup (pot) is not necessarily with a lot of material.

4、whether I bought the thermos bottle make in high quality stainless steel ?

A simple identification method of ordinary stainless steel materials, stainless steel cup (pot) body cup body color appear pale or dark, if soak the saline with the concentration of 1% will rust after 24 hours, directly endanger the health of human body.

5、the traditional way of using the magnet test stainless steel way right?

In fact, there is a way to test of the stainless steel: use a stainless steel magnet, magnetic iron, nonmagnetic stainless steel. The resolution of methods used in the thermos bottle is not correct, because the stainless steel thermos bottle in the outer pot shaping have a process to tensile stainless steel sheet, this procedure will change the molecular structure of stainless steel material, make stainless steel can be magnetic.

Inorder to ensure good thermal insulation quality of our product, all ourstainless steel vacuum body must passed three times 100% insulation check ,

1sttime: after vaccumization;

2ndtimes: after polishing;

3rdtimes:after 1 month of body in stock

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