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Product Description


Name: stainless steel coffee kettle


Materials:Double wall high-grade stainless steel material,plastic cap.



Insulation effect:24h

Custom made:yes



Suitable places:any place,public place,

Market:The global

Unique:High-grade,sepcial round shape.

 Dear friends:

If winter comes, will be  spring far behind?Taking advantage of the winter,Soon orders!quality surrance.we have product and export thermos for 15 years,extend canton fair for years.

Coffee pot in our lives is very common, It'is the life of essential commodities. So,when you choice,them then from the safety, health, hygiene and the use of quality point of view. for wholesalers, will have to focus on style, the insulation effect, as well as the ease of operation of health and performance of the coffee pot to make a choice. Of course, also the price.

JSBY stainless steel coffee pot double wall body is using high-grade stainless steel, the cap is made from fresh, high-grade plastic material, non-toxic substances and odors, and the inside of the rubber ring also used the original high-grade quality, can absolutely insulation and to prevent leakage. Applying pressure to the water way, there are three capacities, shapes three styles, body and handle are different,to meet a variety of people to choose from.

Our coffee pots,  used by all the world worldwide.Because we are specializes.we products other thermos,for example,mugs,glass lid coffee pot,air pot and food container.

SURE UP company specializes in the supply, design, customization and production all kinds of thermos&vacuum flask. a line processes, first-class team, first-class service, welcomed the order.learn more informaiton about us.

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