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Product Abstract:

brand coffee mug thermos hand-held customized coffee cup high--grade stainless steel material.

Product Description


1、Material:Body:double wall stainless steel vacuum.PP Cap



1.High quality stainless steel body & inner.

2.Suitable for water, coffee, tea and other beverages.

3.Portable design easy carrying when outside or driving.

4.Elegant out look. 

5.Can do in different colors on body.

MSUT coffee mugs insulated for travel and home and office,stainless steel body,thermos coffee mugs,aHigh grade stainless steel material not brittle,Wide mouth can increase the drinking experience,90 degree handle more easy to hold.thermos brand coffee mugs for sale,is a very promising oh~

Do you want to design your own personalizedthermos?we can customized your thermos.According to your requirements.yourdesign or your logo?Until you satisfied so far.


SURE UP are a brand professional export brandsupplier of thermos&thermos, because we have own factory, after lessmiddlemen, therefore, strictly control the quality checks, affordable. Eachexport products have been the industry standard and certification, quality iscarefully done.


Welcome to inquiry us,also you can learn  more about other plastic coffee mugs, if you like the product, pleasesend us a message.

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